A complete Q&A platform for engaging in meaningful and compelling information sharing.

Ask Questions and submit answers on any topic

The brilliance of a good Q&A platform is that anyone can ask a question and anyone can answer. Openness, transparency, and inclusiveness ensures everyone feels engaged in the process of inquiry and sharing across your organization.

Support Answers you like by upvoting answers

Another important feature of  a Q&A platform is the community filtering that occurs when users upvote answers they like. The ‘best’ answers then float to the top, so others can glean insights more efficiently.

personalize your content by following topics you care about

As your community grows and engagement increases, more and more topics will be included in the discussion. Follow topics you care about to ensure you are updated when questions and answers are posted.

learn from others by following members

There are some people who have special insights or who you want to keep track of. Follow members to ensure you are alerted when these people post questions and answers in the system.

ensure content is appropriate with custom guidelines

Your private Q&A platform may need some rules and boundaries. QuestionTap provides the ability to set your own standards for what is appropriate and constructive. You can then ensure transparency by explaining why some content might be removed.

remove content that doesn't meet your guidelines with moderation tools

As people flag content that may not be up to your clearly defined standards, your administrators can moderate content and remove it from the system.

Seed the conversation with pending questions

Encourage more engagement and dialog across your organization by pre-writing some questions and scheduling when those questions will be posted to your organization’s account. This ensures that there is always something provocative, interesting, or otherwise interesting to your members ready to engage them in QuestionTap.

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